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Pantry Pest

Pantry pests are pest of stored food. They contaminate and damage the food. Almost any stored food at room temperature in the kitchen is susceptible to pantry pests. Overdue nuts, spices, flour, chocolate, tea, dried herbs, fruits, sunflower seeds, popcorn, kernels, bird seed, pasta, rice, cake mixes and snack foods, dry pet foods are readily source of foods. If they are not in the kitchen they are in the other room feeding on ornamental seed, plant displays, dried flowers, ornamental corn, potpourri or rodent baits.

They are brought into the home with groceries because the pests are problematic in food processing facilties and grocery stores. They can invade homes from the outside. They are capable of penetrating unopened paper or cardboard packaging  and packages wrapped in plastic, foil, or cellophane.

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