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Animal Control - Squirrels, Raccoons, & Possums

Raccoons and squirrels may carry rabies.  They are able to adapt to a variety of habitats and thrive in urban areas like New York City because of food abundance.  Quality Termite & Pest Control receives numerous calls in New York City regarding  squirrels and raccoons inhabiting the  roof of homes and commercial properties by chewing through weakened areas or squeezing through gaps. 

Our Pest Control Applicators use special one-way exit tunnels and baits to proof and lure the animal off your property.  Our company's technique to remove these creatures from even the most complicated situations have proven successful without harming the animal.  Re-entry is impossible once we block the area the animal uses to enter the property. Another option to to remove the squirrel, raccoon or possum is to set traps to catch the animal and  relocate it. Our Applicators do not harm the animal once it is captured.  It is illegal to kill a squirrel, raccoon or possum  because they are beneficial animals to the environment.  Call your New York City Squirrel removal experts for a free inspection.

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