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Termite Control

Large swarms of winged insects inside and/or around the home is the most obvious sign of termite activity. However, the larvae, the premature form of swarming termites that are inside the wood are the ones eating through the wood. The larvae will be difficult to find and most homeowners do not realize they have termites until they see live termites swarming around the house. Signs of termite infestation include dead termites or wings around windows, doors, heating vents, or in bath tubs and sinks. Termite mud mounds on walls located outside or inside the structure. The shelter tubes are either round or flat and usually measure at least ¼ inch or wider. Look for damaged wood to have saw dust  or brittle, cracks or even have a hollow sound when struck.

Our New York City termite exterminators use a precise drill procedure which involves drilling holes about the size of a penny and depth of about 2-3 feet around the concrete and soil perimeter of the treated area. When treating termites it is necessary to use this procedure to prevent further termite infestation.  Chemical applications are then pumped into the holes directly to the structures foundation where the Termiticide liquid concentration is dispersed acting as a virus exterminating any and all termites.  The holes are then re-cemented. This treatment guarantees a 1 year standard warranty of protection from termites, but lasts 10-15 years. No damage is made to the structure of the concrete during the procedure.  If the basement is unfinished, our applicators  will also use this drill procedure and spray exposed beams.

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